SS06 (T) Getting to grips with T&C Part 1

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Date(s) - 22/08/2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Getting the very best out of your T&C scheme requires you to think and act more broadly than focusing on a narrow focus of prescriptive rules.  To structure T&C as a true business enabler requires you to not only understand key aspects of people and regulation but also how to weave them together to help achieve the desired outcomes.  Key aspects of regulation include the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, The Code of Conduct, the FIT regulations and the New Consumer Duty as well as the T&C Sourcebook requirements. You need to understand how these regulations interact with your culture and values as well as your people development practices.

Getting to grips with T&C is a two part online workshop specifically designed to help equip you with the essential elements you need to know as well as practical insights and ideas to build T&C into your business and not operate as a tick box bolt on.

Training & Competence (T&C) forms an essential part of FCA regulations. 2be Development Consultancy offers two online workshops which together cover all the content associated with this subject.

Each online workshop will last for 2 hours and will be facilitated using either ZOOM or TEAMS software.  See details below.

The dates and sessions are as follows:-

Part One
August 19 (Zoom)
August 22 (Teams)
September 10 (Zoom)
September 12 (Teams)

Part Two
August 23 (Teams)
August 26 (Zoom)
September 16 (Zoom)
September 19 (Teams)

Who should attend? 
Anyone who is about to be appointed into a role or has recently been appointed into a role that requires skills & expertise in Training & Competence.  This workshop also works really well as a CPD event for experienced people who would enjoy a refresher of all the key elements the subject involves

Part One

  • To understand the true purpose of T&C and how it fits within the regulatory jigsaw including its relationship with key regulations including SMCR, the Code of Conduct and the New Consumer Duty
  • To describe how to determine competence, set the height of the competence bar and its relationship with professional excellence
  • To connect your company culture to ethical behaviour, the code of conduct and FITness assessments under the Certification Regime
  • To know the best practices associated with the design and structure of T&C procedures and how to model the key communication outcome expectations of the new Consumer Duty

Part Two

  • To create a set of objectives/outcomes to effectively measure the performance of a T&C scheme and how it supports wider governance requirements
  • To be familiar with the different categories of KPIs and how to ensure you create a balanced approach to Management Information
  • To structure observation aids and the skills needed to use them effectively to support governance expectations
  • To design a ‘risk wave’ to identify high risk supervisors within the scope of your T&C scheme
  • To identify the key people risks within your T&C scheme and how to manage them
  • To know how to structure a review/audit of your T&C scheme
  • How to structure your own CPD as a T&C Professional

How to book
To reserve a space at a workshop you must email stating which one(s) you would like to attend.  You can use a mixture of Teams and Zoom sessions. You will receive a booking confirmation and a joining link nearer the workshop

You do not have to attend both workshops.  You can select which one(s) you would like to attend.

How much does it cost to attend?
These workshops form part of our Summer School programme.  This comprises 4 X 1 week blocks of our popular workshops.  You can attend any workshop.

Each workshop is available for the special price of £40+VAT (normally £95 +VAT)

Please note
These events are workshops not webinars.  Delegates are asked to have their microphone enabled and ideally their camera engaged.
These sessions are not recorded.
In view of the special offer these sessions carry a full cancellation charge for either cancellation or a no show on the day.
Delegates are able to switch events to another Summer school session without additional charge, subject to availability




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I provide consultancy and support to UK based financial services companies helping them to design and implement practices that develop their people, achieve their business goals and comply with the needs of the regulators. I specialise in T&C, competence assessment and conduct which may be of particular interest to companies as they address the requirements of the Certification Regime and Code of Conduct requirements. My specialities include: Knowing you have a business to run Valuing your people as your greatest asset Keeping things simple, practical and relevant Engaging the business to promote ownership Ensuring Compliance is a natural by product of doing things well

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