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When people ask us to tell them about T-CNews we describe our magazine for people who work within the UK Financial Services sector who deal with people aspects of regulation and/or people development.

The FCA handbook governs how over 50000 firms must operate within the UK. All regulated firms are governed by the Competent Employees Rule and dependent upon their activities the TC sourcebook. Competence is woven through the FCA handbook and is a strong component of the Senior Management, Certification Regime and Code of Conduct.

T-CNews brings you the views of experts within the industry on how changes in regulation will affect you and the choices you have as well as practical guidance on how you might address requirements. T-CNews helps you build an in depth understanding of regulatory requirements and helps ensure you interpret requirements in the correct way.

Continuous Professional Development is also a key component of remaining competent. T-CNews is an ideal source of informative opinion on current issues within the industry.

We recognise that our industry is very much about people. In every edition of the magazine we feature articles that fall within our category of people development – this will focus on soft skills, coaching, behavioural competencies and the like and shares great ideas and tips.

If you want to stay on top of your game commit to becoming a regular reader of T-CNews. Impress your colleagues and customers with a deeper understanding of the world in which you work.

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