T&C Naughty or Nice List?


Is my T&C Scheme on the naughty list?

It’s that time of year when letters are winging their way to you know who asking for all sorts of gifts in exchange for promising to stay on the ‘nice’ list.

Extending the ‘naughty or nice’ theme please indulge us for just a couple of minutes.  Do you know if your T&C scheme is on the naughty list? Practices that are used that should be stopped and actively discouraged?

Naughty list

  1. T&C is regarded as an unhelpful layer of bureaucracy
  2. We associate T&C with form filling
  3. Our Compliance department is referred to as the business prevention unit
  4. We try to get T&C activities completed to allow time to spend on our real jobs
  5. We associate T&C with form filling
  6. We exploit T&C procedures to get away with doing the minimum possible
  7. We use a lot of ‘sheep dipping’ when training people
  8. People only try to improve when they are told that they need to
  9. Our supervisors give no real thought as to why records need to be kept
  10. Training is perceived as an expense
  11. Supervisors record the minimum possible details on any form they complete
  12. The preferred budget to support T&C is zero
  13. New entrants are ‘processed’ through training in the shortest possible timescale
  14. Supervisors are there to check up as opposed to coach and develop people
  15. Poor business results are often blamed on poor quality of training
  16. Compliance is there to check and tell us what we have done wrong – we are guilty until proven innocent

 Is my T&C scheme on the nice list?

Great question.  We have already let you know what to look out for to see whether you were on the naughty list as far as your T&C scheme goes.  Not being on the naughty list does not automatically put you on the nice list.  Listed below are the ideal practices that you must be able to evidence to show that you have made it onto the nice list.  The more practices that you can evidence the better your prospects of staying on the nice list.

The most common desired practices

  1. T&C is engrained throughout our business as best practice
  2. Our focus is on competence and development throughout the business
  3. People are treated as individuals and this is reflected in the approaches we take
  4. Supervisors are required and called upon to use their judgement to resolve T&C issues
  5. Users are regularly consulted in improvement initiatives undertaken
  6. Senior Managers understand their responsibilities under T&C and accept them
  7. Compliance is often consulted and their opinions are valued
  8. Our supervisors are highly skilled coaches, trainers, assessors and motivators
  9. The management information and training needs analyses help our business to operate effectively
  10. We recognise mistakes are learning opportunities
  11. We have no mandatory activities or events that must be completed on a regular basis
  12. Training is regarded as a valuable investment


We are not on the naughty list but are not on the nice list.  Where are we?

Truth be told you are somewhere in between.  You may be just off the naughty list or just below the nice list.  We can actually help you work out exactly where you are and the steps you may wish to consider to move up to and onto the nice list.

All you need to do is make contact with us.

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