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There has been an abundance of articles based on the positives (and occasionally the negatives) that people have identified since the lockdown began in March, including such things as costs savings, time saved, and even being able to go to work in shorts and a tee shirt. I thought I would share my personal view on the positives of not having to travel to observe advisers in action. Including the luxury of being able to do competency assessments in shorts and a tee shirt! Before March this year I conducted all observed competency assessments by accompanying advisers to face to…

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Andy Snook

I am a highly-versatile and forward thinking management professional with a history of successful delivery across more than thirty years’ in the Financial Services Industry. Core skills include assessing, training, coaching, process design and implementation, specialising in people, processes, and procedures within a Training & Competence or Learning & Development framework. Periodic writer for T-C

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