The definitive list of sync and async online trainer skills


The complete list of the skills, attributes and knowledge that a modern workplace trainer needs to thrive in the Post-COVID world of training

Evolving Corporate Trainer

Corporate and workplace training has evolved remarkably since COVID 19 and will migrate mostly online. This is well known and documented. There will still be die-hard fans of in-person training, but then again people even rode horses after the internal combustion engine was born. Whilst I’m on the historical analogies, people still crossed the Atlantic on boats way into the ’50s when aeroplanes cut the journey down dramatically.

I’m banging the drum for online workshops rather than in-person events, but that’s the way I see it.

Online will fork into two fragments. Synchronous and Asynchronous or Sync and Async as I prefer to call it. Broadly, Sync training is live and real-time, a traditional online workshop for a few hours with everyone rocking up on their PCs or laptops with you. Async is pre-recorded learning usually delivered by a fancy learning system or platform or via links in DropBox. You don’t have to get complicated with this although many corporate trainers like to navel-gaze on that exact topic.

Corporate or workplace trainers will have to get good at both moving into the future. I’m mean very competent.

These two lists help you to brainstorm the skills, capabilities and knowledge that modern trainers need to have or attain for both Sync and Async. The plan is in no particular order

Async (Pre-recorded) Trainer Skills

  • Knowledge of applications
  • Presenting to camera
  • Audio recording capability
  • Control of voice tone
  • Humour on camera
  • Rendering video and audio footage
  • Understanding LMS Platforms
  • Presenting livestreams
  • Mastery of tech
  • Connecting to livestreams
  • Using Zoom/Teams
  • Uploading assets to platforms (MP4s, MP3s, PDFs)
  • Converting Word and PowerPoint to PDF
  • Contemporary PowerPoint creation capability for online recording with voice over
  • Screen capture ability
  • Populating LMS Platforms – logical approach
  • Appreciation of learning multimedia
  • Writing capability
  • How to interview an SME online and record
  • Use of graphic cartoon video apps such as Explaindio, Doodly
  • Use of VARK learning styles
  • Understanding how young people learn via full multimedia
  • Benefits of online learnings
  • Online programme design – learning objectives and performance objectives,
  • Use of video camera (DSLR), SD Card, transferring video MP4 clips to PC
  • Knowledge of MP4 files and resolutions, how to compress video
  • How to compress PowerPoint files
  • Podcasts – sound quality and resolution
  • Set up of video studio, lighting competence, ventilation, noise control
  • Use of whiteboard and flipchart when recording
  • How to incorporate PowerPoint slides into recorded video
  • Use of microphones, lapel and boom mics, how to connect to PC and manipulate the sound quality.
  • Use of a variety of activities to enhance involvement – selected from the Trainer’s Toolbox
  • Ability to Gamify learning – points, awards, positions, feedback, advancement
  • Use of stories/metaphors to illustrate presentations

I’m banging the drum for online workshops rather than in-person events, but that’s the way I see it.

Sync (Real Time) Delivery Skills

  • Running Live Online Workshops (LOWs)
  • Modularising your workshops
  • Timings and attention spans
  • Using music online
  • Complete mastery of all Zoom controls and feature
  • How to invite students to your live workshop, using calendar invites
  • Setting up the stage
  • Appropriate use of ice breakers particularly before “kick-off”. 10 minutes hallway chat or a crossword/quiz or another way of easing learners into the workshop.
  • Able to educate learners of the various tools required to operate Zoom/Teams. Teach as you go rather than giving them a list—for example, the pin function to spotlight the tutor.
  • Using the record function on Teams/Zoom and placing the clip into the cloud.
  • Presenting online live
  • Audience engagement and involvement
  • Shrinking workshops and using “flip the classroom” concepts
  • Shrinking in-person events by 50%
  • Lighting, sound, ventilation, of studio
  • Switching webcams seamlessly
  • Use of graphic support tech – merging PowerPoint slides with video
  • Using backgrounds and green screen professionally
  • Online usage of breakout rooms
  • Online facilitation skills with groups below 10
  • How to encourage group involvement
  • Use of headsets and mics to enhance the experience
  • Presenting skills
  • VARK learning styles and solid session design
  • Zoom listening skills, observing facial body language, reading signals
  • Use of chat function, having it available to view all the time
  • Use of multiple monitors to present professionally, opening various windows simultaneously
  • Owning the backup routine – Wi-Fi, electricity, the noise outside
  • Re-booting and fixing common problems with online delivery.
  • Use of whiteboard, lighting, large pens, working with the camera whilst presenting
  • Angling videos and zoom capability using cam software
  • Knowledge of at least four video meeting software apps and being able to flip seamlessly from one to another. Zoom, Teams, GoTo, Webex, Adobe, Google Meets
  • Use of add on apps such as Kahoot, Padlet etc.
  • Understanding PC requirements to run practical online sessions, processor, Wi-Fi speed etc.
  • Adapting webcam using settings software
  • Manipulating backgrounds and filters on Zoom/Teams
  • Demonstrating security of the training room via Zoom and Teams
  • Use of “Zoom Zone” when conducting one on one online video sessions, being able to move from sitting to standing seamlessly using multiple cameras.
  • Use of a variety of activities to enhance involvement – selected from the Trainer’s Online Toolbox.


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