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Learning from BoE research on culture and risk
In March, the BoE published a breakthrough report on it’s research on the indicators of poor culture and risk. What is most interesting is that the report is not based on traditional research methods, e.g. questionnaires, interviews etc. Instead, the BoE used 20 data driven indicators that are signposts of poor culture and increased risk.Listen to Julie Pardy, Nic Dent and Philip Allen discuss this fascinating report and the learning that all regulated firms can take from it.”

Time to refresh your supervisors’ skills
Essential Supervisory Skills in an FCA World is ideal for people caught within the scope of the Certification Regime performing the role of a supervisor. These workshops address the FCA findings published in the stocktake report first published in August 2019. We visit all aspects of supervision to set people new to role up for success or refresh skills for those who have been working as a supervisor for a while.
Presented as 3 x 2 hour online workshops. See here for details.

Is your T&C Culture aligned with your firm’s culture?
Did you know that the way in which you operate your approach to T&C creates its own cultural approach? This can be different to your firm’s desired culture. Your T&C culture operates within a continuum of dismissive to advocacy.  In this workshop we share with you how to measure both your firm’s and T&C cultures and the steps you might take to ensure that they are aligned and working in harmony. Presented as a  2 hour online workshop. See here for details

An ideal introduction to the world of T&C
When starting a new T&C role understanding all you need to know can be quite a challenge.  You are expected to get up to speed quickly.  You may have been in a T&C role for a while and feel there are gaps in your knowledge.  Why not come and try our 2 x 2 hour online workshops that will help identify and connect all the pieces of the T&C jigsaw. See here for details

Time to review the success of your scheme
As 1 April has arrived you may think it is time to sit back and relax congratulating yourself on a job well done with SM&CR.  This is well deserved but beware.  The FCA will be taking a closer look at how you have fared and have already shared their concerns expecting firms to take note and act accordingly. We would encourage you to review your T&C Scheme and your Certification Regime to ensure that all gaps can be identified and addressed for when the regulator comes calling

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