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Employee compliance in a Covid-19 world: what has changed?

Is it possible to allow all employees, regardless of their role, to WFH and maintain the required levels of governance?

As Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed and hybrid flexible working is being implemented or considered by an increasing number of financial firms, this popular free e-guide from leading Artificial Intelligence provider – Elephants Don’t Forget – examines the detrimental impacts that removing office controls has on employee competency levels and governance practices, and looks at why firms like Aviva, RSA and Allianz are deploying employee-centric AI to compensate and improve Training & Competence deficiencies in 2021.

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Introducing IAC Singapore

With the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announcing its implementation of strengthened guidance around accountability and conduct, Worksmart have responded to this new opportunity by developing a solution to help Singapore -based firms who have a commitment to review, manage and evidence their governance and conduct arrangements. We’d like to introduce – IAC- Singapore! Read more here

Predictions for 2021

Continuing with our Predictions for 2021 blog series, Nic Dent, Propositions & Client Engagement Principal at Worksmart takes you through how momentum continues to build for two major trends that were largely masked by the chaos caused by the pandemic. The first of which is the industry grappling with the challenges caused by unprecedented levels of regulatory change in recent years, and the second is the regulator’s focus on conduct, culture, and governance. Both of these are examined in this blog, and to find out more click  to read this insightful blog in full. Click Here


Is it time to undertake a review of your T&C and Certification Regime schemes?

The deadline  for FCA solo regulated firms to have completed their first fit and proper assessments of people performing certification functions has passed.  Now seems an ideal time to undertake a review of your schemes (which you should have!) to make sure they are fit for purpose.  Whether you would be interested in a review of your T&C scheme, certification regime scheme or both please get in touch.  Please email



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