How to migrate a face to face workshop to online


The London Underground strike in 2014, closed and severely restricted several lines. As a result, commuters changed their routes to accommodate the closed tracks. Curiously though, after the strike had finished, a fair few of these commuters didn’t revert to their previous path, preferring their new choice. You may feel the same when the Coronavirus outbreak dies down. You run face to face meetings, workshops or conferences, and the Coronavirus lockdown and self-isolation epidemic forces you segway these to an online variant. When normality returns, your customers may well prefer the online version to the face to face edition. I’ve…

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Paul Archer is the founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd, a specialist training provider that brings practical sales and coaching skills to financial services firms. Paul has published 8 books and is a regular blogger and YouTuber - and can be contacted at

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