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It is said that if you were to print out the FCA handbook it would stand nearly 6 feet tall.  Clearly a formidable undertaking to read it and stay on top of all the changes.  Our support is for people who work within the UK financial services sector. If your role involves people aspects of regulation or people development please read this.

There are over 50000 firms operating within the UK financial services sector. All firms need to be authorised and agree to meet the rules and guidance set by the regulators. Firms are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and some firms by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) as well. Many of the rules relate to the people who work within the firms. This is where we come in. We focus on what we call people aspects of regulation and people development. We’ve being doing this since 1996 so have a wealth of information available.

People aspects of regulation include everything associated with competence- having the right knowledge, skills, behaviours such as Training & Competence (TC, T&C), Competent Employees Rule (CER) and Fitness & Propriety (FIT). The Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) and the Code of Conduct (CoCON) are very much in our ball park. We also look at people development, their Continuous Professional Development (CPD), coaching, supervision and other best practices.

We focus on what we call people aspects of regulation and people development.

If your role involves working with people for any of these aspects a T-CNews subscription may be right for you.  There are three subscription levels. The content will be of particular help if you carry the prescribed responsibilities associated with SM&CR or the Code of Conduct or are involved with T&C within your firm. With hundreds or articles in a searchable directory as well as videos we know that we can help you:

    • Identify key topics and trends that will affect your people
    • Develop quickly your understanding of the requirements expected
    • Discover best practice to learn what works best
    • Shorten training preparation timescales
    • Access material to share with others
    • Save £s from your CPD and Training Budgets

There are three subscription levels

We offer three levels of subscription.  Each subscription gives you 12 months access

Standard (£50+VAT)
Gives you access to all articles in T-CNews. Each article is within one of the key sectors – Regulatory General, Regulatory Specialist, SM&CR, Industry Focus, People Development and Opinion & Insight. New articles are added every quarter. A search facility is available to look for articles by topic. If you prefer you can download articles as a quarterly PDF document. You can share the PDF with your colleagues who work at your firm.

There are hundreds of articles available to search and read. New articles are added every quarter

Premium (£100+VAT)
Includes all Standard features PLUS all content of T-CViews.
T-CViews contains short videos to support your CPD. Each video is between 15 and 40 minutes in length. New video content is added regularly. Each video is supplied with a transcript, copy slides, test question and answers. We have no objection to you sharing the content with your team.

Current Videos include
Assessing Competence- Best Practice
Defining competence to perform a skills gap analysis
Fit and Proper Assessments -what the rules tell us
SM&CR coffee time briefing
The Certification Regime scope
SMCR for Enhanced Firms
SMCR for Core Firms
Getting to grips with the Certification Regime & Code of Conduct

Premium+ (£250+VAT)
Includes all Premium features PLUS access to online workshops offered by 2be Development Consultancy. The workshops are

    • free to attend
    • can be attended more than once
    • are not subject to cancellation charges
    • are repeated regularly
    • run at different times of day
    • run on different days

All workshops are listed in the Events section at T-CNews. Workshops that are included in this category show a ‘+’ at the beginning of the workshop title. All online workshops use ZOOM. Delegates are asked to enable both video and sound.  Please note that this subscription is not transferrable.  Only the subscriber can attend the ZOOM workshops. You have 12 months to attend the workshops of your choice

Try an online workshop on us!

We are happy for you to attend one online workshop on a  ‘try before you buy’ basis’.  Simply email (office@t-cnews.com) your choice to us and we will send you the link to join shortly before the event.


Current titles include
Getting to grips with the Certification Regime
How to conduct Fit and Proper Assessments
Understanding your firm’s cultures
Essential Supervisory Skills
Coaching & Assessment Skills
Getting to grips with T&C

 Currently there are 15 different 2 hours sessions to attend- that’s 30 hours of CPD


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