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Admit it, company mandated training is something none of us look forward to. Being told to do something as part of a tick-box exercise doesn’t fill us with the motivation to sit up and take notice.

As a whole, many people don’t understand the value of continual learning and development. You can mandate training, but really it’s all about having the correct mindset. If you are in training because you have been mandated to do it, you won’t approach that learning with an open mind and consequently won’t reap the benefits.

Remember the old saying about “not being able to see the wood for the trees”…? Most employers have offered or are offering ongoing learning and education opportunities to their employees. However, a recent article by Erica Lockheimer, at Linkedin Learning, has found that the learning materials and programmes offered to employees was more focused on skills that helped employees continue to do their current job rather than on providing a foundation for future growth.

The benefits of developing a learning culture within your organisation extends far beyond simply meeting regulatory targets.

The benefits of developing a learning culture within your organisation extends far beyond simply meeting regulatory targets. A workplace in which learning is a valued way of life and knowledge is readily shared is the vision that drives companies to establish and expand their cultures of learning. For employees, a good L&D plan builds confidence, keeps skills up-to-date, aids career progression and makes them feel valued. For your organisation, the benefits include high and consistent standards across the company, greater workforce engagement and commitment, sharing of industry best practice, and maximisation of staff potential.

In the same way that we share recipes, TV shows or book recommendations with one another, one day soon, discussions in the workplace will include courses and the new skills that can be gained. For those conversations to happen, companies must provide employees with the latest learning tools so they can stay ahead of the curve.

As a leading provider of training solutions to the insurance sector, we can advise on a programme of training resources tailored specifically around the needs of your organisation. To help ensure your staff demonstrate their effectiveness and competence for their role, as required by the FCA. We can address some of the key technical and business issues your firm faces, help develop an individual’s career and enable your staff to qualify for CII CPD hours, where applicable. Our online webinars and  face-to-face training sessions are a great way to develop, deliver and monitor your training strategy. To find out more about our training offerings, why not visit our website at www.searchlightsolutions.co.uk or email us at training@ssluk.net


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