Getting your business “compliance ready” again


With the government’s singular focus on beating Covid-19, thousands of businesses in a state of induced coma, and the understanding attitude taken by regulators, it is quite likely that many compliance infringements went unnoticed over the past four months. But for how much longer? At which point might the regulators give a wake-up call to businesses, which have gone slack after months of inaction? What will compliance look like in the new normal? Businesses should be asking themselves these and other questions, and working out ways of re-engaging their employees with their compliance imperatives, whether the employees are working from…

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About Author

Director Skillcast Staff compliance is critical for your company's performance and survival, but it's not just about policies, procedures and systems. It is also about improving your employees' understanding of the rules and getting their buy-in. We help your employees to make sense of all the regulations, standards and internal policies that they need to consider in their roles every day. We get them to apply their knowledge in real-world situations and influence them to act with integrity at all times. We provide digital learning content, technology and service to help you train your staff, automate your compliance process and generate management reports to help you keep track of it all.

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