Time to create the calm from the chaos!


I think it is safe to say financial services have just experienced one of those moments in time that will go down in the history books! An endless collection of bedtime stories for the grandchildren for sure! Now, while financial services have come through this pretty unscathed (in the main!), what has emerged is a new breed of business. For the majority, there has been a dramatic and significant change in how they work as a team, with their clients and as a business as a whole. Behaviours and beliefs have changed and what I believe will emerge will be…

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We believe everyone has the power to realise their extraordinary potential. “Standards International is the powerhouse behind professionalism and operational excellence in financial services. We set the standards, we live the standards, we are the standards!” That’s us in a nutshell! We support the development of financial adviser business owners, their business partners, practice and business managers, and support teams in all areas of personal and business development. We have some super-exciting developments under way and it gives me such a buzz when I sit for a moment and realise what an impact all of this could have on our magical profession! Please be sure to keep in touch with us via social media, use our contact form or email us on enquiries@standardsinternational.co.uk to say “Hi”.

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