The trusted BDM


How the Business Development Manager has evolved along with the modern business buyer. Paul Archer, Sales Coach, Author and Speaker, shares how and why the Sales Rep of old has evolved into the modern Trusted BDM. He also shares the key behaviours of a Trusted BDM to ensure your team are on the right road map. Fondest Memories of the 1970’s Fondest memories of the 1970’s? Ross Foods frozen roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and Sunday afternoon drives fighting my brothers in the back seat of my dad’s company car – a shiny Austin Allegro 100DL. My dad was an…

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About Author

Paul Archer is the founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd, a specialist training provider that brings practical sales and coaching skills to financial services firms. Paul has published 8 books and is a regular blogger and YouTuber - and can be contacted at

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