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2be Development Consultancy introduces the Pick ‘n’ Mix Bundle.  This gives you access to workshops on key topics that are regularly repeated throughout the year. Plenty of opportunity to attend if one date proves inconvenient.

You can book places for you or any of your colleagues. The Pick ‘n’  Mix Bundle gives you access to discounts normally associated with multiple bookings.

There are 14 workshop online workshops available that are provided  throughout the year.  You choose the number of delegate places you wish to buy and use them as it suits you during this year. You do not have to book all places at the time of securing your Pick ‘n’ Mix Bundle

You can book places as far in advance as you wish – future dates are published approximately 4 months in advance.

Workshops cover key topics including:-
Essential Supervisory Skills in an FCA World (3 Parts)
Getting to grips with Coaching Skills
Getting to grips with Training & Competence (2 Parts)
Working with T&C under consumer duty
How to design and conduct a review of your T&C scheme
How to conduct an FCA FIT and Proper assessment (2 parts)
How to ensure your firm’s and T&C cultures work together

There are other topics too!

Visit the events calendar >>>

You can view all the workshop details including dates and content at the events calendar

Any new workshops developed by 2be Development Consultancy will be added to this offer.

A worked Example
You purchase 10 delegates spaces.  You allocate them as follows:

1 delegate to Getting to grips with T&C Part 1 and 2
4  delegates to Working with T&C under Consumer Duty
1 delegate to T&C Health Checks
1 delegate to Essential Supervisory Skills in a FCA world Parts 1-3

Full normal price for the above selection of workshops is £950 +VAT You can save 50% using a Pick ‘n’ Mix Bundle.  You only pay £475+VAT for 10 workshop places

Individual delegate prices at  any of the above workshops can be purchased. Prices per workshop vary.
Using the Pick’n’Mix Bundle this price is reduced substantially,

Pick’n’ Mix Prices
3 Delegate Places – £225+VAT
5 Delegate Places – £325+VAT
10 Delegate Places £475 +VAT representing a saving of 50%per delegate
Please note that multiple bundles can be purchased. No other promotional discounts can be applied.

How to secure your Pick ‘n’  Mix Bundle
Simply email office@t-cnews.com and place your order. You will receive a booking reference number and an invoice.  You can start booking delegates into any published workshops.  We are happy to invoice different departments with their share of the Pick ‘n’ Mix Bundle.

If workshops are over subscribed 2be Development Consultancy will provide additional events.  All places purchased  must be used within 12 months of the purchase of your bundle.


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