A guide to effective compliance training


At a recent industry forum, Richard Whittington, Product Owner – Digital Learning & Compliance, Access Group, asked a seminar audience, if, as the people responsible for learning and development in their firm there was a culture that supports it. The majority of hands stayed down. When I saw all those hands stay down, I empathised. I’ve been in those shoes. I’ve been the person who believes training and learning should pervade all parts of a firm. But who has struggled to make inroads into getting the support, time and resource – human and financial – to really make a difference…

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About Author

Richard is Product Owner at Unicorn Training. There's a quote we’ve come to live by here at Unicorn: If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough. Attributed to Albert Einstein, it’s been used again and again to bring us back to the singular truth of what we do – bringing clarity to the complicated. With nearly thirty years leading the pack when it comes to delivering outstanding learning experiences, we’ve carved a niche helping clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes. All Unicorn learning solutions integrate the latest digital technologies and learning thinking to provide truly personalised learning experiences. Based in Bournemouth, London and Brighton, you will always get a friendly welcome complete with the award-winning creativity that has seen our Unicorn LMS named the world's best for Financial Services for the past three years and third best LMS overall in 2017.

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