As another exam season approaches


As the next exam season approaches you may be asking yourself the following questions:

Where do I want to be?
Now is the time to write down your overall career goals – where do you want to be in two, five or 10 years’ time. Then you need to commit to no more than three specific and achievable shorter term objectives, including the dates by which you want to achieve them.

What do I have to do to get there?
Look at your overall career goals, make a note of what you need to do to achieve them. This could include further training, taking exams, considering a job progression or even a complete change of career direction.

Set yourself some short term objectives, include the first step – what you can do today or tomorrow. For example, having someone to mentor you or guide you through your journey can be invaluable from finding out about how they achieved their career goals, to recommendations about learning solutions and finding the best and quickest route to career success.

So, is 2019 going to be your year for learning?   It’s time to get up close and personal, as we guide you through the methodology, the process, the problem solving and the structure to get you through these tricky exams.

As a professional in the financial services industry you are constantly learning and being challenged by clients, regulators and governments

Our Structured approach to your learning means we have managed your time for you – refer to our timetable, note all the key dates in your diary and follow our plan…simple? We know it’s not and that’s why we are always on hand to help…our team love to talk, in fact we positively encourage it!  By getting to know you we can help you.  We have developed the most powerful action-based learning package designed to help you pass.

Being successful in financial services demands that you keep up to date. As a professional in the financial services industry you are constantly learning and being challenged by clients, regulators and governments.

To keep abreast of new and important information you must keep up to date, but you will also know that a new skill isn’t learned until it is practiced and implemented successfully…. several times over. And that means over and over and over………..

And it’s the same in exams. You must practice your skill. We will test your ability to look for what the examiner is asking you for and apply your knowledge using the right technique. This is so critical for exam success.

We believe that to exceed your studying expectations we need to provide a unique studying solution designed specifically for you.  This is not about ticking a box; our study plans and Masterclasses are designed to develop your technical and practical understanding of subjects and products that you discuss with your clients.  Action learning at its best – working on real problems, taking action and helping you and your organisation develop flexible and successful strategies to real life scenarios.

We are already looking forward to welcoming our new students for the October 2019 session and the CII October 2019 exam dates you need to know are as follows: 7th October 2019 AF1 – 8th October 2019 AF4 and AF7- 9th October 2019 AF5

If your aim is to gain knowledge as well as a thorough understanding and application of the exam process, then you need to get off to a good start. We have researched and evidenced that when you plan your time, have an expert to guide you, a variety of learning tools such as quizzes, exams style questions/model answers and video tutorials this can all lead to exam success.  You need to know exam technique and where to maximise the number of marks you can pick up.   That’s where we come in – a programme designed with you in mind with comprehensive and concise study & revision notes, written by exam practitioners who know and understand these exams.

When should I review progress?
This step is a must!!   You need to set a date in advance for review of the objectives you’ve set yourself. You can either do this from one exam session to the next or you can decide to review once every three, six or 12 months. Mark the time in your diary, write it down, commit and do it!   This way the cycle of continuing professional development has begun.

If you have any questions or you would like to join us for the October 2019 exam session, then why not give us a call and let us make learning tough subjects easier and more achievable for everyone


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