Should we have a national wealth service?


This article was composed on the day after the Government closed down the pubs, restaurants cinemas and theatres. It’s a day after the Treasury announced that it would subsidise the wages of those ‘furloughed” by their employers by up to 80% or £2500, for at least three months. These interventions dwarf those proposed for WASPI, changes in pension tax relief, they make the costs of the various compensation levies and the rules laid down by various regulators look like disappearing ripples . Everything is focused on the cause of the interventions, the almost certain explosion of COVID 19 cases and…

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Henry straddles the world of traditional finance and FinTech and is an active entrepreneur who helps people make good pension decisions. He founded AgeWage and the Pension PlayPen to map the pensions genome and ensure everyone gets data driven information on value for money

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