IT and cyber security – Why IT matters and what should you expect of your software suppliers?


In the April edition of T-CNews, I wrote about the regulatory and economic changes that were affecting the financial services industry and the subtle, but important, impact this was having for software suppliers to the sector. In summary, I argued that financial services firms were now expecting their software suppliers to really understand these changes and respond by offering pragmatic and high quality, market proven software solutions. Building on that article, in this edition of T-CNews I want to stay on the subject of the changing expectations of financial services firms but this time, focus on the key area of…

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About Author

Andy Nightingale in Managing Director at Worksmart. Worksmart have built their reputation by supporting the UK’s leading financial service businesses through the challenges of regulatory compliance. From Training & Competence to Quality Assurance, SM&CR to Complaints Management we enable smarter business responses. Whether we are working with an SME or a large corporation, our software creates business improvements that also meet the demands of regulatory change. Worksmart products are simple to configure, easy to implement and will help streamline your business processes. With our deep experience, comprehensive, award winning product set and wide ranging expertise, Worksmart can be trusted to ensure regulatory change can be turned into business advantage.

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