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  • Redland Business Solutions has been a provider of specialised consultancy and IT solutions to the financial services and insurance industries for over 15 years.  Now, Redland’s flagship Insight solution is an award winning complete Individual Accountability Solution, providing full support for the Senior Managers and Certification Regime. 

    By combining our domain expertise with technical excellence and a suite of core products we are able to help our clients achieve real benefits within their organisations by delivering practical, value for money solutions to meet regulatory requirements around training and competence and continuing professional development.

    Established in 2001, we have worked with some of the largest companies in the financial services industry including: Santander, Sesame Bankhall, Openwork, Wesleyan, Tesco, Nomura, Scotia Bank, Sanlam UK, Age UK, and LV=.   With each of these customers we have established an excellent reputation for timely, on budget delivery of bespoke solutions.

     Redland’s market leading business solutions are built around our core technology, Insight.  With Insight, Redland can quickly develop and deploy business applications to support specific processes within the financial services domain.  This is especially important given the rate and frequency of change in regulations surrounding on-going training and development. Insight is highly configurable by the client, making our customers the owners of their own solutions with little reliance on Redland following implementation.

     Insight is more than a simple off-the-shelf Training & Competence or Learning Management System – it is a powerful and effective workflow engine that can manage the wider business processes.  Insight allows these business processes to be configured quickly and efficiently, so that the organisation can maintain any differentiation that they are trying to protect while improving their overall efficiency in a cost effective manner.

     Support for the Individual Accountability Regime and Accountability 2 is provided by Integration and Process Management across the SMR, CERT and Conduct regimes.  Redland’s automated production of Responsibilities Map and Statements of Responsibilities provides monitoring and quality reporting linked to Functions and Responsibilities, resulting in reduced risk, increased certainty and improved auditable compliance of your organisation.

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