SM&CR -Steering certification through lockdown


It has been said a thousand times, but these are times like we’ve never known before. Many things we took for granted have changed, possibly forever, and other things have quickly become part of the new normal. One thing is clear however, business life has become tougher. As lockdown is gradually lifted, it will be interesting to see what pattern working life will take and how financial services firms will face up to the challenges created by CV-19. Even before the crisis, the industry was regularly challenged by the FCA around culture, leadership and generally improving conduct amongst firms. The…

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Julie Pardy

Julie Pardy is Worksmart’s Director of Regulation and Market Engagement. Julie is a dynamic, highly engaging, professionally qualified individual who has worked in the field of financial services for the last 25 years and has extensive experience of a wide number of areas such as Regulatory, Governance, Business Quality, Conduct Risk and Behavioural Economics to name just a few. Worksmart has built its reputation by supporting the UK’s leading financial service businesses through the challenges of regulatory compliance. From Training & Competence to Quality Assurance, SM&CR to Complaints Management Worksmart enables smarter business responses. Whether working with an SME or a large corporation, Worksmart’s software solutions create business improvements that also meet the demands of regulatory change. Worksmart software solutions are simple to configure, easy to implement and will help streamline your business processes. With deep experience, comprehensive, award winning product set and wide ranging expertise, Worksmart can be trusted to ensure regulatory change is turned into business advantage.

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