How relevant are your Key Performance Indicators?


Every firm uses Key Performance Indicators to measure how its employees are performing against set business objectives. In the Financial Services industry that also includes measuring compliance with set regulatory requirements as well. But ask yourself this: How relevant are these Key Performance Indicators for the firm today? How relevant would they be if they were set against the firms’ business plan for the next year, two years, or five years? We live and work in an environment of constant change and, whether this is regulatory changes, internal structure changes, or even through just the passage of time itself. All…

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I am a highly-versatile and forward thinking management professional with a history of successful delivery across more than thirty years’ in the Financial Services Industry. Core skills include assessing, training, coaching, process design and implementation, specialising in people, processes, and procedures within a Training & Competence or Learning & Development framework. Periodic writer for T-C

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