Focused training plans for new entrants


There are two things that new entrants expect to happen when they join a new firm. If the role is new to them, they expect to be trained how to do the job. If the role is not new to them, they expect to be trained how the firm they have joined wants them to do the job. But how good is the firm’s training plan, and does it meet the needs of the new entrant for whatever role they join? Does the firm even have a focused training plan? It’s quite likely that a new entrant joining as an…

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I am a highly-versatile and forward thinking management professional with a history of successful delivery across more than thirty years’ in the Financial Services Industry. Core skills include assessing, training, coaching, process design and implementation, specialising in people, processes, and procedures within a Training & Competence or Learning & Development framework. Periodic writer for T-C

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