Why ‘value for money’ is so important to pensions


We have seen two regulatory publications over the pandemic one from the FCA and the other from the pension strategy team of the DWP. The FCA have produced CP20/09- “Driving value for Money in Pensions” and the DWP the less snappy “Improving outcomes for members of contribution pension schemes”. Veteran readers of such tomes have been surprised by the alignment of purpose and even of method. The challenge laid down by Frank Field in one of the last inquiries he chaired for the Work and Pensions Select Committee is being addressed and we are moving towards a single definition of…

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Henry Tapper

Henry straddles the world of traditional finance and FinTech and is an active entrepreneur who helps people make good pension decisions. He founded AgeWage and the Pension PlayPen to map the pensions genome and ensure everyone gets data driven information on value for money

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