Who is wearing your Cultural ‘Fitbit’?


My 13 year old daughter recently celebrated earning her ‘Skydiver’ badge and is also a newly appointed member of the ‘Hawaii Club.’ These ‘awards’ have been presented to her, along with weekly progress reports by the automated reporting of her new wrist worn fitness tracker. Out of interest, the Skydiver badge is handed out for climbing over 1000 floors of steps (claimed to be a similar height to that of a Skydiver) and the Hawaii…

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Carl Redfern is the Compliance Director and co-founder of Redland Business Solutions, the market leader in specialist GRC Solutions for the Financial Services industry, for the past 15 years I have spent my time: • Working with Industry Forums, Professional Bodies and Regulators to help to assess the impact and define the requirements of developing regulation. • Designing solutions to support key strategic functions within Compliance, T&C, Conduct Risk, Governance and Operations. • Helping businesses to develop the business case for people, culture and conduct initiatives. Most recently, I have been extensively involved in the development of the SM&CR regimes, working with industry bodies, both regulators and many firms, assessing the implications of the rules and designing specialist solutions to enable efficient and effective implementation. Redland have been voted the Best Solutions Provider – Senior Managers Regime with our specially designed technology solution, Insight SMR, to help firms comply with SM&CR and holistically integrate Certification with wider Culture and Conduct programmes.

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