Getting the Senior Manager & Certification Regimes ‘over the line’ – Learning from the banking sector


The new SM&CR Regimes are aimed at bringing greater transparency and individual accountability into the wider financial services market place. It promises to deliver considerable change to firms across all the different sectors. As the industry tries to ready itself, it does so against a backcloth of uncertainty about the final rules or a fixed deadline to aim for.  The banking sector faced similar challenges in 2015, although the start date of 7th March 2016…

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About Author

Account Director at WorkSmart I am passionate about helping Worksmart's customers develop their alignment with the FCA's regulation and guidance on best practice. Hot topics on customers'​ agendas at the moment are complying with the new rules on Strengthening Accountability in Banking (IAR) and the developing a response to the FCA's focus on T&C and QA for all customer facing staff including sensitive communities like complaints handlers and recoveries teams.

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